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23 November 2010 @ 03:56 pm
Characters Part 2  
As promised, here is the second part of my character synopsis.

Archangel Uriel

Age: 35(human reckoning)

Uriel, by human standards, stands around 6 foot tall and appears to be at average to above average build with neatly cropped black hair. His human form is dressed in attire more commonly seen among the elite: black dress shoes and pants with a purple shirt and black overcoat. One would imagine he would stand out among the general populace, but for some reason(maybe due to his influence), people from all places accept him as he is. Uriel's true form, which has not been seen by humans since at least the Dark Ages, is a sight to behold. He is dressed in a light blue and silver armor unseen and unmakable by humanity. It is in this form that he allows his four angelic wings to flow behind him. Uriel carries a large sword that not even the strongest human could carry.

Archangel Uriel is one of the highest rank of angels, high enough that he only answers to someone(something?) he only calls, "Father". His archangel status is shared by only six others, of which he is considered the ranking angel. He does not prefer the arrive in the human world unless it is absolutely necessary. After all, why should he bother with the meddlesome humans when he can send other angels? In the few times he has appeared in the world of humans, he carries an immense power hidden within his human form. His abilities can be considered as "superhuman". He can lift cars, break down vault doors, and other such feats without so much as a sweat. In addition, he dispels a mysterious, invisible aura which can cause those in contact, providing their hearts are worthy, to perform acts of good, but not to the point that they disobey common sense and instinct. For example, a person affected by Uriel's aura may attempt to rescue someone in distress, but will not jump into a fire. They may instead call authorities and try to least contain said fire until the proper help arrives. A being of immense power, he can control the aura if he so desires.

Recently, Uriel has left the angelic world and has made his way to the human world. What reason could he have for wandering among humans?

Seraph Azrael
Age: 25(human reckoning)
Azrael's human form stand approximately 5 and a half feet tall and can be considered a typical human female. She has red hair which she wears in a braid that comes down to the middle of her back. In order to display the aura of superiority she possesses, her human form wears business attire--heels, slacks, and a dress shirt, all grey in color. As with Uriel, Azrael also enjoys the easy assimilation her superior shares. Her true form is dressed in a red and gray armored attire similar to Uriel's with her two wings on her back. The armor has signs of damage from previous battles with the demon race. She carries a weapon similar to a rapier in appearance that, like most other angelic weapons, can slice through any human item, and most demon items, with relative ease.

Azrael sees humans as an inferior race and does not believe they are worth saving, even though her superior does. However, she is loyal to Uriel to the end and tries her best to share his views although she has difficulty in doing so. To her, only one thing matters: the completion of an upcoming mission and to assure victory for the angels.

Azrael has noticed her race's eternal enemies have started to act in a way that she did not expect and has gone to investigate. She has not been seen since and this has not gone unnoticed.

Age: Unknown
Balthazar is the leader of the demon race and has been long before humans walked upright. He is also the sworn enemy of the angels and has been fighting them before recorded human history. A fallen angel, Balthazar has knowledge of them and has used it to his advantage. For a time, he had slaughtered so many angels that he had in essence triumphed. In that time, he also freely spread his influence to the human world which cultivated in his arrival in the human world. Unfortunately for him(and fortunately for humans) Uriel was alerted to his arrival and met him. As to be expected, the result was a fierce battle that lasted for many days. Ultimately, Uriel emerged victorious, albeit injured, and sent the demon lord back to the fiery depths.

Since then, Balthazar has remained in the underworld planning for the day he can return once again. Rumors have spread about his departure from his world. However, if this is true, there has been no sign of him in the human world. What could this mean?

In many ways, Balthazar is essentially the opposite of Uriel. He also carries an aura that affects humans, but this aura causes humans to commit unspeakable acts. Like Uriel, he can control it in order to infiltrate humanity with little to no notice. He has no set human form, but from past experience, it is usually a form that one would not normally associate with a demon leader. Balthazar, as powerful as he is, does have a glaring weakness: his eternal nemesis Uriel. When the demon lord has so much as a hint that Uriel is near, he has been known to have difficulty in maintaining a human form. Portions of his true form, such as his blood red skin or even his wings have appeared briefly before disappearing. Any onlookers may think they're seeing things and dismiss it as such.
Third Horseman: Riddick Drinking (chani_sama)thirdhorseman on November 24th, 2010 03:21 pm (UTC)
I enjoyed reading both sets of descriptions, and can't wait to see these characters in action.